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NYC Psychology Events – Fall 2015

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In the spirit of ALL THINGS PSYCHOLOGICAL IN MANHATTAN, we are pleased to announce the following Fall 2015 events.

Getting involved” at the United Nations: Why and how?

In the 70 years since the United Nations was formed in 1945, it has encouraged “civil society” groups and individuals to “get involved” in its important work. But how? Here, three experienced panelists describe this process.

This is part of Professor Dinesh Sharma‘s new course on “U.N. and
Global Leadership.”

Harold Takooshian, President, Manhattan Psychological Association

Ariel Blum, IMCES & Fordham Graduate School of Education
Catherine Bonet, Independent Program Developer
Claudine Mukamabano,** Founder& CEO,

9 September 2015, Wednesday 7-8 pm,
Fordham University, 113 W. 60 St., room 904
All are welcome
* This panel is hosted by the Fordham Organizational Leadership Program, in cooperation with Fordham Psi Chi, MPA, SPSSI-NY. For any specific details, contact Professor Sharma at, or
** Ms Mukamabano is a Rwandan orphan, genocide survivor, and author of 2 books:
(1) The power of social media: Be yourself & change somebody’s life today, and
(2) Forgiveness: A Transformation Power of Pain to a Joyful Life Style

Announcing a public remembrance hour in New York City with family and friends of Robert W. Rieber, PhD (March 24, 1932 – April 9, 2015)

26 September 2015, Saturday 1-2 pm
St. John’s University-Manhattan campus,
101 Astor Place (+ East 8th St.), New York City

Bob was Professor Emeritus at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, of New York City and Prospect Point, Maine. He passed peacefully on April 9 at age 83. He gained recognition asserting that “Sybil,” whose tale brought multiple-personality disorder to public attention, actually had a single troubled personality.

His many books included “Manufacturing Social Distress: Psychopathy in Everyday Life” and “The Psychopathology of Language and Cognition.” He edited the Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories, and The Collected Works of L.S. Vygotsky. A film noir connoisseur, he co-wrote “Film, Television, and the Psychology of the Social Dream.” A Penn State grad, with doctorate from University of London, he was on faculty of Columbia, visiting professor at Fordham University, and fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Psychological Association, and New York Academy of Sciences. He was editor of the Journal of Social Distress and the Journal of Psycholinguistics. A lover of rare literary treasures, his distinguished collection is now cataloged.

The Rieber family address is: Louise Rieber, 10 East 85 St., NYC 10028
** Note: This memorial hour is hosted by the Manhattan Psychological Association. Beverages are served. This immediately precedes an MPA gathering at 2:30-4 pm. For any details, contact MPA President Harold Takooshian:


Conversation Hour & Workshop on Peace Education and Leadership with Maya Soeotoro-Ng, PhD
University of Hawaii-Manoa, and Sister of Barack Obama

How can a global leader best promote peace education among
students and the public?

Maya Soeotoro-Ng completed her education at Barnard, NYU, and her PhD in comparative international education at the U of Hawaii, where she now teaches. In this Skype session with Fordham Professor Dinesh Sharma, she will discuss her work on this timely issue, coinciding with 70th anniversary of the UN and the annual meeting of UNGA. Chair: Professor Dinesh Sharma, PhD, Fordham
Discussant: Professor Harold Takooshian
Monday, 28 September 2015, 6-7 pm
Fordham University-LC Room 904
All are welcome. Beverages are served

** This session is hosted by Professor Dinesh Sharma and the Organizational Leadership program of Fordham University, in cooperation with MPA, SPSSI-NY and Psi Chi Honor Society. For any details contact

Public Forum on  Psychobiography: Culture, History & Methods

What is psychobiography? What is its future in a globalized world? Robert A. LeVine, a psychological anthropologist at Harvard, was in Social Relations at founding of Culture & Personality studies with Whitings, Kluckhohn and Murray.
Sudhir Kakar, first Indian student of Erikson, is a leading psychoanalyst on the subcontinent. Paul Elovitz is founding Director of the Psychohistory Forum.

Joseph G. Ponterotto, a psychobiographer and professor of psychology, whose latest book is A Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer (2012). Author, psychologist and consultant Dinesh Sharma’s seven books include Barack Obama in Hawaii and Indonesia (2011) and The Global Obama (2014).

Welcomes: Harold Takooshian, SPSSI-NY
Chair: Dinesh Sharma, Fordham

Joseph G. Ponterotto, A Psychobiography of Bobby Fischer
Robert LeVine, Psychobiography and Anthropology: Life History Across Cultures
Sudhir Kakar, Young Tagore: The Makings of a Genius
Dinesh Sharma, The Global Obama: Crossroads of Leadership in 21st Century


Paul Elovitz, Founder, Psychohistory Forum
Sheila Henderson, Fordham Graduate School of Education

26th October 2015, Monday at 6 pm
Fordham University, 113 West 60 St., South Lounge
All are welcome. Beverages are served.

** This forum is hosted by Fordham University, in cooperation with the Manhattan Psychological Association, and APA Divisions of International Psychology and Social Issues (SPSSI-NY).
For any details:

Call for Proposals Friday, November 6, 2015
St. Francis College
Brooklyn Heights, New York City
Conference Theme:

Promoting Peace for Children and Adults

The science of psychology incorporates a broad range of theoretical perspectives as researchers are often challenged to address a variety of societal issues and concerns. This conference will incorporate research from all areas of psychology to get a glimpse at the
similarities and differences by which members of the field are addressing today’s important questions. While all topics will be considered, special emphasis will be placed on those which reflect the conference theme: promoting peace for children and adults.

Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students are invited to submit papers or posters for possible presentation. Presentation proposals (300 word abstracts) are due by 5pm Friday, October 9th, 2015 to Please indicate if you are submitting for a paper or poster presentation. Review of presentations will begin following the deadline and decisions will be sent via email. Submissions should be in MSWord or RTF format, and must include the following: Author name(s) and affiliation(s), address, email and phone number of key presenter, name of faculty
mentor (if any). We anticipate mostly symposia and welcome full workshops or symposia centered on a theme. If you are submitting a single paper, we will group you in symposia appropriately.
While conference admission is free, reduced-rate applications are available so each student can join one professional organization on November 6th. Conference directions are available at
For additional details contact Conference Chairs, Dr. Marisa T. Cohen, Dr. Sunghun Kim, or Dr. Karen Wilson at

Awards for the best full paper (not abstract) by a student:
1. Scarpetta Award, for best undergraduate research
2. Toth Award, for best graduate student research
3. Guzewicz Award, for best cross-cultural/international research
4. Parker Award, for best neuropsychology research
5. Witmer Award, for best forensic research
6. Lander Award, for best research on Judaism
7. Wexler Award, for best research on positive psychology in organizations
8. Meir Award, for best research on psychology of well-being
**To be considered for an award, you should submit your full paper, in addition to the abstract by the October 9th deadline.

Keynote Speaker:
We are so excited to have Dr. Michael Wessells, who will be presenting his work, Getting beyond the humanitarian silos: An integrated approach for supporting the resilience of war-affected children.
Michael Wessells, PhD, is Professor at Columbia University in the Program on Forced Migration and Health. A long time psychosocial and child protection practitioner, he is former Co-Chair of the IASC Task Force on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings. He has conducted extensive research on the holistic impacts of war and political violence on children, and he is author of Child soldiers: From violence to protection (Harvard University Press, 2006). Currently, he is lead researcher on interagency, multi-country research on community driven interventions for strengthening linkages of community-based child protection mechanisms with government led aspects of national child protection systems.

He regularly advises UN agencies, governments, and donors on issues of child protection and psychosocial support, including in communities and schools. Throughout Africa and Asia he helps to develop community-based, culturally grounded programs that assist people affected by armed conflict and natural disasters.

35th annual Fordham Symposium on Graduate School in Psychology

Thursday, 5 November 2015, 6 -7:15 pm
Fordham at Lincoln Center, room 1004
How can students best prepare for competitive graduate schools and careers while still in college? Hear experts briefly present answers to different aspects of this important question. A series of 5-minute messages is followed by individual consultation with the speakers.

P r o g r a m
Moderator: Fatima A. Varner, Fordham University
Welcome: Viany Orozco, Fordham-LC Psi Chi
Margo A. Jackson, Fordham Graduate School of Education
The application process Mark E. Mattson PhD, SUNY Stony Brook
Undergraduate courses & practica David S. Glenwick PhD, Rochester
Undergraduate research Karen L. Siedlecki PhD, Virginia
Co-curricular activities Harold Takooshian
PhD, City U of New York, Clinical psychology training Jacqueline Helcer
MA, MS, Fordham Alternatives to clinical training Fatima A. Varner
PhD, Northwestern Training & licensing of psychotherapy Frederick J. Wertz PhD, Duquesne
All are welcome. Refreshments are served.

This 35th Fordham Symposium on Graduate School in Psychology
is hosted by the Fordham LC psychology faculty, Psychology
Association and Psi Chi, in cooperation with the APA Division of
Social Issues,
For any details:

Fordham public forum  on Psychology in New York City: Its remarkable history

“Since 1879, why has no city on earth had a greater impact than New
York on the science and practice of psychology?” This question is
addressed in this 90-minute forum, in three parts: (1) A brief
illustrated tour of the remarkable sweep of NYC psychology–people,
places, and events–with MPA President Harold Takooshian. (2)
Focused remarks by a panel of distinguished experts below. (3) Open

Chair & Moderator: Mark E. Mattson, Fordham University
Overview Harold Takooshian, President, Manhattan Psy Assoc.
Psychoanalysis Sharon Brennan, President, NYS OCW Psychology
NYSPA Leonard Davidman, President, NYS Psy Assoc.               Gender Florence L. Denmark, Pace University
International Uwe P. Gielen, Saint Francis College
Social Henry Solomon, Marymount Manhattan

12 Nov 2015, Thurs at 4-5:30 pm
Fordham University, 113 West 60th Street, room 1004
All are welcome. Beverages served.
** Note: This forum is hosted by Fordham University, in cooperation with the Manhattan Psychological Association, SPSSI-NY, NYSPA-OCW, Fordham Psi Chi. For any details:

Psychology in New York City: Its fascinating history 6-30-15

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Announcing a Fordham public forum
on June 30, 2015

Psychology in New York City: Its fascinating history

“Since 1879, why has no city on earth had a greater impact than New York on the science and practice of psychology?” Here, a three-part forum addresses this question with:

(1) An illustrated tour of the remarkable sweep of NYC psychology–people, places, and events–with MPA President Harold Takooshian.

(2) Comments by a panel of distinguished discussants below.

(3) At 6:30-8 pm, a reception and joyous centenary salute to the City’s preeminent psychologist, Jerome S. Bruner.

Comments about psychology in NYC by a panel of experts:
Frank Farley, Florence L. Denmark, Uwe P. Gielen, Sharon Brennan, Leonard Davidman, Rafael A. Javier, Henry Solomon


30 June 2015, Tuesday at 5-8 pm

Fordham University, 113 West 60th Street, room 816
All are welcome. Beverages served.
** Note: This forum is hosted by Fordham University, in cooperation with the Manhattan Psychological Association, SPSSI-NY, NYSPA-OCW, Fordham Psi Chi.

For any details:

Announcing an International Psychology lecture on

Meaningful Living:
Positive Psychology Beyond Affective Balance
featuring scientists from Russia

Dmitry Leontiev & Evgeny Osin
Is happiness just a positive emotion or a specific way of life? Does it work as the guiding principle of human conduct? What meaning can add to the understanding of human thriving? What are the differences in the ways people make sense of their lives? The recent findings and current problems of meaning as a dimension of positive functioning will be discussed.
Dmitry Leontiev and Evgeny Osin are on the faculty of the elite NRU Higher School of Economics in Moscow, where their prolific team does research in the International Laboratory of Positive Psychology of Personality and Motivation.

Chair & Moderator: Ambassador Hamid Al-Bayati Welcomes: Judy Kuriansky, Chair, Psychology Coalition at the United Nations Uwe P. Gielen, Director, Institute for Intl & Cross-Cultural Psychology Discussants: Michael Ivanov,
Yuliya Komarova, Fordham Gabelli School of Business

30 June 2015, Tuesday 8 pm lecture, 9 pm discussion Fordham University
113 West 60 St., room 910
All are welcome
** Note: This session immediately follows the gala reception with Dr. Jerome Bruner at 6:30 pm. It is hosted by Fordham-LC Psi Chi and Fordham Institute, in cooperation with the Manhattan Psychological Association, PCUN, IAAP, and APA Divisions of International Psychology and Social Issues (SPSSI-NY). For details:

Remembrance Hour – Richard H. Wexler, PhD 6/14/15

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Public Remembrance Hour
New York City
Family, Friends and Colleagues
Richard H. Wexler, PhD
(December 23, 1944 – December 6, 2014)

14 June 2015, Sunday 2-3 pm
Fordham University Atrium, 113 West 60th Street, NYC

IMG_1067Richard Wexler considered himself to be a healer, lover, and warrior. He fought for what he believed in. He deeply believed in the power of love and gave generously of his time to assist others. He heroically battled cancer until succumbing in December 2014 but not before touching many lives through his bravery and compassion.

Richard was the Founder and President of Personnel Systems, Inc. and Past President of the New York State Psychological Association. He was an entrepreneurial licensed psychologist, certified personnel consultant, executive coach, trainer, dynamic speaker, leader in Industrial, Organizational and Personnel Psychology, author, and educator who was committed to creating new opportunities for 21st century psychologists. He was active in many professional organizations. Honors included the Presidential Award in 2005 and Distinguished Service Award in 2006 from the NYS Psychological Association.

The Society of Colleagues of Dr. Richard H. Wexler, Inc. will officially launch at his Memorial. It will carry forward his vision of developing the current and next generation of professionals by addressing emerging and evolving 21st century issues.

April 26, 2015 Hunter Conference + “Psychology in NYC” panels

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Once again on April 26, this year’s 43rd Hunter College Psychology conference is free, and all are welcome.  Three MPA afternoon panels below, 12:30-3:50 pm.  Guests are welcome. 
Harold Takooshian, PhD
Fordham University, New York NY 10023, USA
Council of Representatives, American Psychological Association (International Division)

12:30-1:30 pm: Cross-cultural Psychology

Chair: Martha Ann Carey, Kells Consulting

The United Nations Association: Opportunities for students. Isis Quijada, Fordham

Adventures in Kyrgyzstan. Deborah Harris-O’Brien, Trinity Washington University

Feminism across cultures.  Priyanka Srinivasan

Discussant: Jason R. Young, Hunter

Three diverse presentations on cross-cultural psychology teaching, research, and service.

1:40-2:40 pm: Psychology in New York City: People

Chair:   Henry Solomon, Past-President, Manhattan Psychological Association

History of psychology in Manhattan.  Harold Takooshian, Fordham University

James McKeen Cattell: Architect of U.S. psychology.  Andreina C. Vegas, Fordham University

John B. Watson: From classroom to boardroom.  Sarah E. O’Brien, Fordham University

Discussant. Leonard Davidman, President, NYS Psychological Assn

In this one-hour session, 3 speakers describe diverse aspects of psychology in New York City, and how the Manhattan Psychological Association is “all things psychological” in New York City.


  2:50-3:50 pm: Psychology in New York City: Programs

Chair:  Rochelle M. Balter, John Jay College

Graduate psychology programs in Greater New York. Sally Capanzano, Fordham University

GABSI: The Greek American Behavioral Science Institute. Thomas Mallios, GABSI

The impact of Albert Ellis in NYC. Debbie Joffe Ellis, author and REBT therapist

In this one-hour session, 3 speakers describe diverse aspects of psychology programs in New York City, and how the Manhattan Psychological Association is “all things psychological” in New York City.


MPA Spring 2015 Events of Interest

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Russia- U.S. Psychology Skype
On Feb 13, Professor Regina Erchova’s psychology program in Kolomna, Russia,
connected by Skype for one hour with Fordham University in New York. Kolomna
students and faculty spoke on the important role of Russian psychologists in World War
The Manhattan Psychological Association was represented by Yulia Kamenskova
(Pace U), Henry Solomon (Marymount), and Harold Takooshian (Fordham). Rien Chy
was the U.S. webmaster.

Nadine Kaslow speaks in New York City
On February 13, over 20 colleagues and students at Fordham University
gathered to hear Professor Nadine Kaslow of Emory University offer a conversation
hour on “Where is U.S. psychology headed?” Despite her hectic schedule as the
recent President of the 82,000-member American Psychological Association in 2014,
Dr. Kaslow spoke of many trends in U.S. psychology during her Presidential year
2014: Increasing “integrated health care,” analysis of “big data,” need for more
psychology internships, restructuring of APA governance, creative careers for
psychologists, and APA responses to timely issues like terrorism and human rights.
Dr. Kaslow also spoke in personal terms about her “other life” as a dancer during her
doctoral studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and her on-going efforts to link
psychological science and practice with the creative arts–such as her consulting work
with the Atlanta Ballet.

Two discussants also participated in this conversation hour: Dean James
Hennessy of the Fordham Graduate School of Education, and Dr. Leonard Davidman,
President of the NYS Psychological Association.
Earlier that Friday, Dr. Kaslow met with students in a dance classroom at the
Ailey School, where her colleague Dr. Linda Hamilton, the Wellness Consultant for
the Ailey School, offers a weekly workshop on occupational stress for Ailey/Fordham
BFA dancers.

MPA-Fordham forum discussed leadership at the U.N.
How does the United Nations cope with global threats like ISIS and terrorism?
On March 12, 2015, over 20 students and faculty filled Fordham-LC room 400,
where Organizational Leadership Professor Lewis Schlossinger hosted a timely
symposium on “Global Leadership: How effective is the United Nations?” The
distinguished speakers included Ambassador Hamid Al-Bayati (on video), author
Dr. Dinesh Sharma (by skype from Chicago), publisher Dr. Parviz Morewedge,
and U.N. Youth Representative Isis Quijada. Fordham will offer two new courses
on the United Nations for undergraduates this May (with Professor Al-Bayati) and in
fall of 2015 (with Professor Sharma). For any details on the forum, contact

The next Organizational Leadership symposium is set for March 30,
Monday at 6-8 pm in LC room 513, when Professor Helen Rozelman chairs a
forum with four experts on “How effective is the U.N. in promoting human
rights?” For any details, contact

MPA-Fordham forum discussed human rights at the U.N.
How well does the United Nations cope with global threats to human rights?
On March 30, 2015, over 20 students and faculty filled Fordham-LC room 513,
where Organizational Leadership Professor Helen Rozelman hosted a timely forum
on “How effective is the U.N. in using mediation to promote human rights?” The
two distinguished speakers were His Excellency Hamid Al-Bayati, the recent
Ambassador of Iraq to the U.N., and author Dinesh Sharma (by skype from
SUNY-Binghamton). Dr. Al-Bayati also screened a new video of his celebration of
the International Day of Happiness at the United Nations on 20 March 2015.
Fordham will offer two new courses on the United Nations for undergraduates this
May (with Professor Al-Bayati) and in fall of 2015 (with Professor Sharma). For
any details on the forum, contact

MPA-Fordham forum discussed careers in applied psychology
“What can students do in college to best prepare for a future career in applied
psychology?” On April 8, 2015, over 25 students studying I-O psychology heard five
experts discuss this question at a Fordham-LC “Forum on Applied Psychology.” The
forum began with a 15-minute screening of “Psychology careers for the 21st Century”
produced by the American Psychological Association (APA). Abigail Woods
Ferreira of the Fordham-LC Career Center discussed “Career and graduate school
options with a BS degree,” including many free services her center offers careeroriented
students. Dr. Ira S. Richman, the founder and President of Greater
Performances, Inc., described his 40 years of work in “Organizational development.”
Dr. Suzanne Roff Wexler, the founder and President of Compass Point Consulting,
described her pioneering work with APA on the “Psychologically Healthy Workplace
Awards.” Dr. William M. Verdi, an alumnus and past-President of the Fordham-LC
Psi Chi Honor Society, discussed his work with Door3 Consulting on “Talent
management and assessment.” Dr. Ann M. Winton, a licensed psychologist, described
her pioneering work in “Forensic psychology.” Interestingly, all of these five
psychology experts began with other undergraduate majors before switching into
applied psychology.

On May 3, Fordham-LC will host a conference for students and professionals on
“The role of love in a psychologically healthy workplace,” arranged with the Division
of OCW (Organization, Consulting, and Work Psychology) of the NYS Psychological
Association. For details on the April 8 or May 3 forums, contact
For details on the experts who spoke on April 8:
Abigail Ferreira:
Suzanne Roff Wexler:
William M. Verdi:
APA Psychological Healthy Workplace:
MPA-Fordham forum discussed “healthy cities”

“What can society do to make its cities more healthy?”

On April 16, 2015, 25
urban psychology students heard four diverse experts discuss this question at a
Fordham-LC urban studies forum on “Healthy Cities in the 21st Century.” The forum
moderator Harold Takooshian screened a four-minute World Habitat Day message by
Dr. Joan Clos, the Director of United Nations Habitat office, on the value of urban
planning to make cities a benefit rather than a problem for global society. Arline
Bronzaft, an international consultant on noise research, addressed the psychological
impacts of urban noise. Attorney Charles Shamoon of the NYC Department of
Environmental Protection (DEP) described how his NYC Noise Code, and how this has
become a model for other regions as far as Australia. Marketing expert Michael Noel
of London-based Futerra Sustainability Communications, described his work with
private sector corporations to promote sustainability in urban planning. Environmental
psychologist Peter Walker, once an urban planner in Seattle, detailed how climate
change is now putting thousands of coastal cities like New York at risk of future
flooding. This forum was arranged in concert with the Manhattan Psychological
Association, and MPA past-President Henry Solomon presented each speaker with a
Certificate of recognition for sharing their expertise with Fordham students.
For any details on the April 16 forum, contact
For details on the experts who spoke on April 16:
Michael Noel:
Arline Bronzaft:
Henry Solomon:
Charles Shamoon:
Peter Walker:
UN Habitat:

MPA psychology panels offered at Hunter Convention
On April 26, over 500 students and faculty from as far as Washington DC
convened at the 43rd Hunter College Psychology Convention in New York City. The
day’s dozens of activities included three one-hour panels organized by the Manhattan
Psychological Association (MPA), in cooperation with SPSSI-New York.
Martha Ann Carey of Philadelphia chaired a panel on “Cross-cultural
psychology,” with Jason R. Young as discussant. Deborah Harris O’Brien spoke on
her “Adventures in Kyrgyzstan.” Priyanka Srinivasan presented her survey findings
on “Feminism across cultures.” Isis Quijada prepared a message on “The United
Nations: Opportunities for students.”

Henry Solomon chaired a panel on “Psychology in New York City: People,”
with NYSPA President Leonard Davidman as discussant. Harold Takooshian spoke
on the “History of psychology in Manhattan.” Andreina C. Vegas spoke on “James
McKeen Cattell: Architect of U.S. psychology.” Sarah E. O’Brien spoke on “John B.
Watson: From classroom to board room.”

Rochelle M. Balter chaired a panel on on “Psychology in New York City:
Programs.” Sally Capanzano offered a checklist on admissions to 35 graduate
psychology programs in Greater New York. Thomas Mellios spoke on the 39-year
history of GABSI, the Greek American Behavioral Science Association, formed in
1976. Debbie Joffe Ellis discussed the brilliant career of her late husband, “Albert
Ellis’ impact in NYC.”

Participants were invited to future NYC activities: October 30 Psychology Day
at the United Nations, May 3 on the “psychologically healthy workplace” at Fordham,
May 21 international reception at Fordham, June 14 memorial for Richard Wexler at
Fordham. For details, or
Over 200 joined the day’s-end reception at Hunter, where MPA and SPSSI
shared a sheet cake with the conference.

12/8/13 Program — Dealing with Uncertainty in an Uncertain World

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MPA’s Fall 2013 program “Dealing with Uncertainty in an Uncertain World,” will be held on Sunday, December 8th from 1 to 4 pm at the New Building of John Jay College on 59th Street at 11th Avenue.

The speakers include renowned, board certified, CBT psychologist, Simon Rego, PsyD, ABPP, ACT, who will be discussing practical ways for dealing with anxiety both in and out of therapy sessions.  In this climate of economic uncertainty, we are also pleased to have on the program Joseph Sciabica, AEP, ChFC, CFP, Senior Vice President of the Wealth Advisory Group and expert in career development and financial planning.